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Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving is a time to give thanks to what is real and true beyond the Third Dimension of this Holiday.

I share this pray with you. If you feel called ..please join me.

Beloved Life, Radiant Life, I deeply love you and am so grateful to you for living in me and all people. Beloved Sun, thank you for warming our hearts with you Radiance.

Central Sun you gave birth to me and I am a Ray of your Radiance on Earth …thank you for this most amazing experience of being in a human body on earth, servicing you.

Thank you Sun for illuminating my mind, and heart as you illuminate the world.

It is my intention to shine your Radiant Light through this human form that you created to carry the Billiance of your Love. Light and Wisdom. I am indeed one with you and I am you in this body. The life in this body is your life and I choice now to serve the life in my body.

I am life itself in human form … I thank all that life is …in all its most miraculous forms.

Amenyn Virginia Ellen

Your divinity is Pure Light. Your limited beliefs of life, love, money, sexuality and all other forms of Life and all the religious beliefs have limited you. That is the cost of living by manmade laws. These laws of man have limited you.  They lead to living in duality and this is what limits you, judgments of self or another.

It is your thoughts that have lowered you into suffering and struggling and hardship, for in truth you are eternal and everlasting love, you are eternal and everlasting energy which is Life.  Life is energy, the wind is energy, snowflakes are energy, the rain is energy, and the river is energy – what moves the river is energy.  That, which moves the Life force within you, is energy.

You are not human, for that limits you to think that you are just a human being.  You are a God being – the light of God in human form.  You are the light of God that moves through this human body, this body carries the light wherever you go.  You can seek this light through you.  You can see with the eyes of the light.  You can speak the words of wisdom and love.  You can live the love that you are and live the light that you are.  For love creates light and light is Life.  The wisdom and the truth is what create the light to grow stronger within you and regenerate the cells of your body.  Cease thinking of yourself as limited or just human, you are God Human, you are a light being expressing through a human form.  You are eternal love expressing through a human form.  That is what you were designed to do.   That is the great design for humanity.

Speak the Truth:  “I am designed to live forever in a Spiritualized Body.

Celestial Body of Love

The Circle of Love is an orbit of a Celestial Body. It is a realm of energy that has a great influence on the world. You will learn how to love yourself, and as you ascend into the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness, you will be crowned with a Halo. The King’s Ring will be presented to you as a being of Self Love. The Halo and King’s Ring both represent completion. You cannot be complete until you truly love yourself.

Your life will begin to rotate around the orbit of the Celestial Body of Love. As this occurs you will become truly One with the Divine, the All That Is, by loving yourself. When you finally love yourself you will find peace and true joy. Your life will be fulfilled because you follow your love. You will no longer give yourself away and betray yourself. You will hold yourself as Holy and Sacred Life and therefore, you will be entitled to all things.

When you truly love yourself you love God, for you understand you are God Incarnate. Then you will be complete, and you will know your Oneness with all things. 

To Love, To Life ~ Mary Magdalena through Virginia Ellen

Mary Magdalena Temple Healing Certification with the 5th Dimensional Circle of Love Training.

You will learn to bring the 5th Dimension of Love to your students and in this way you are assisting in moving our world into the vibration of Unconditional Love. 4 week tele course.

November 30th to December 21st.