The Cell of the Christ is imprinted into each human form and must be Awakened so that it may live through you as you.  I am not coming again on the mountain top.  Do not wait for me to come from outside of you.  For I shall come from within you, for I live within you. You must Awaken the Christ Cell and give birth to this light for the Second Coming to become a living reality.  You are the Second Coming of Christ.  It is time now for the Christ to Come Again through you.  Peace shall come again through you as you rise up and live the Christ Light and its energy and consciousness.

 I Salute the Cell of the Christ Light in you. Jesus


Christ Light I love you, I love you Cell of the Christ.

Thank you for being my savior and saving me from myself.

Thank you for saving me from my darkness.

I love you Cell of the Christ and I thank you for living in me.

 I accept that the Second Coming of Christ can come through me.

The Second Coming of Christ is here right now; it is within me, waiting to awaken.

I choose to become the Second Coming of Christ.



We are being blessed with a Full Moon Christmas Day. A Full Moon is a time to create a wondrous new beginning. It is time for ascension which means change.
Connecting to Sacred Life
I open to the healing power of the Sacred Life that lives within me.
 I open to receive the healing power that is all around me.
I allow myself to be flooded by Sacred Energy creating Sacred Space within me.
When one speaks the living words of love, they affect the self and others at many levels. Sacred Heart Yoga is a multi layered healing practice. The Sacred in you will grow as you partake of the science of Sacred Heart Yoga. Then the Sacred will reveal a path for you to follow. It will be a path of all possibilities.
The truth will be revealed to you. The truth is the correct choice or right direction. It will liberate you, opening you to the Sacred Circle of Life. The Circle of Life is the flow of giving and receiving. You give your love to the divine in you, through the Sacred Heart Yoga practice and the Life Force grows and it is given back to you.

Merry Christmas Virginia Ellem

A Most Important Day …December 11, 2015 New Moon in Sagittarius…A Cosmic gift… focus on new beginnings, enthusiasm, optimistic positive energy of creation, which is love.

This new moon brings a Cosmic Doorway into your deep, deep heartfelt desires that are planetary rather than personal. We are called to go outside of our personal life to what life is all about …what is real and what is the illusion.

Honesty is called for …no more denial… no more pretending…In honesty you will become Honorable. You cannot ascend into the vast and miraculous truth of who you are in denial.


This will be such an exciting month for our planet and her ascension as we ascend into the truth of our Divine and Everlasting Self.


Special Private Channeling sessions:  With Jesus or Magdalena. They will bring clarity to you as well as wisdom and insights on what you need to focus on for your own Ascension into Your Divine and Everlasting Self.

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Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving is a time to give thanks to what is real and true beyond the Third Dimension of this Holiday.

I share this pray with you. If you feel called ..please join me.

Beloved Life, Radiant Life, I deeply love you and am so grateful to you for living in me and all people. Beloved Sun, thank you for warming our hearts with you Radiance.

Central Sun you gave birth to me and I am a Ray of your Radiance on Earth …thank you for this most amazing experience of being in a human body on earth, servicing you.

Thank you Sun for illuminating my mind, and heart as you illuminate the world.

It is my intention to shine your Radiant Light through this human form that you created to carry the Billiance of your Love. Light and Wisdom. I am indeed one with you and I am you in this body. The life in this body is your life and I choice now to serve the life in my body.

I am life itself in human form … I thank all that life is …in all its most miraculous forms.

Amenyn Virginia Ellen