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Virginia Ellen Yoga

Virginia Ellen, author, medical intuitive, mystic and coach is founder of the School of Self Love and Sacred Heart Yoga, developed the Medicine of Love Healing and Reprogramming the Unconscious Mind.

She is featured in the new documentary What IF with experts Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel and others on the biology of belief, emotion and the law of attraction. Virginia is an expert in reading beliefs in the unconscious mind that hinder success. She helps her clients dismantle these beliefs and reprogram them.

All of Virginia’s work stems from a near death experience that occurred in 1989. During that profound encounter she was given the chance to return if she agreed to change every concept she held. Once she agreed, Virginia found herself with knowledge she had not possessed before and discovered a deep love within herself for the Divine.

She was shown how the unconscious mind was created and how to re-create it so one can have a rich, joyful and abundant life. For the past 20 years, Virginia has been transforming the very beliefs she agreed to change. She has inspired thousands to find their true selves. Virginia is a woman who lives the Way of the Heart and joyfully walks her talk…and it is abundantly clear in her voice.

She is author of Sacred Heart Yoga: a Personal Resurrection into Love and Perfect Peace: Jesus’ Way to Attain Peace along with numerous CDs.  She has lead hundreds of workshops throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Website links:   www.reprogrammingtheunconsiousmind.com as well as www.suddenlyyounger.net

Contact: Virginia Ellen at 473-3500   sacredheartyoga@juno.com